Medical Surgical Mask – Sterile

Medical Surgical Mask – Sterile

Protection: three layers of protection, high efficiency filtration

Permeability: low respiratory resistance, comfortable to wear

Comfort: inner non-woven fabric, skin friendly and breathable



1.Put the side with the nose clip up, and hang rubber bands

at both ends on both ears.

2.Gently press the nose clip to make it fit the bridge of nose,

and then press the nose clip to adjust the lower end of the

mask to the proper position of the mandible.



1.Before use, please check whether the packaging is in good

condition and confirm the external packaging mark, production

date and validity period.

2.Infants should be under parents’ supervision and guidance

to use it.

3.It should be ensured that the mask covers from the bridge

of nose to the mandible after deployment, and achieving the

expected protective effect.

4.The product is disposable, please don’t reuse.

5.Use with caution if you are allergic to nonwovens.


Storage conditions:

Store in a room with relative humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation and avoid high temperature.


Transport conditions:

Don’t transport under heavy pressure, direct sunlight, rain or